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Terracotta club - DIY pottery kit


Our pottery kit without a turn and without cooking for the house contains everything you need to sculpt, paint in white and seal 4 to 6 small pots or 1 to 2 larger pieces. Yaayyy !!


2 bags of wet clay. Enough for 1 to 2 people
Instructions with illustrations for it to be easy breezy for all
Tools to sculpt and cut your clay, even if you will especially use your hands. But hey! We all have a little perfectionist who hides in us!
White paint
Sealing to protect your parts from the water
3 brushes

We use self-producing natural clay, that is to say that dries in the open air in 24 to 48 hours, to which fibers have been added to make it more resistant. We have chosen a quality clay which is very flexible and easy to work with and whose touch merges with a cooking clay. Our clay comes from Quebec.

We use quality, non -toxic and high -viscosity water -based acrylics. We have chosen a painting that is made here in Quebec.

Do I need to cook my pottery?
No, and this is the beauty of the club boxes. We wanted to make pottery accessible to everyone at home, without having to cook the parts in a ceramic oven.
On the other hand, as clay does not cook, you will not be able to consume food or drink in your creations, but you can make a host of other objects.

what should I bring with me during a first course at the workshop?

We recommend you first to have a long apron.

We also recommend that you have short nails and avoid wearing rings, watch or bracelets. It is important to wear closed clothes and shoes, which will be safe and which you will not bother you to dirty. Be reassured, clay or its dust is cleaned very easily!

As for clay and tools, they are provided in all our courses, but is not for free workshops (small tools and clay).

It is recommended to arrive at the scene about fifteen minutes before the start of your course, to allow you to have enough time to register and set up in the classroom.

What type of technical support is offered during the free filming and shaping workshops?

Free workshops are recommended and accessible only for those who have already followed at least two sessions of our courses in order to have a certain level of autonomy, or Already practice ceramics and have an intermediate level. We cannot guarantee the presence of a ceramic resource person or the presence of a teacher to answer your questions or assist you in your practice. You must be independent in your projects started during free workshops. You must also have your own little tools, apron and clay.

You are also responsible for cleaning your tools and your workspace before your departure.

Do you offer a cooking service for parts that I have made at home?

We do not offer this service for the moment, but let's work to add it to our service offer. On the other hand, we offer the cooking service for the parts carried out during the free workshops and other activities in the workshop.

I can't introduce myself to my course, what should I do?

It is important to respect the group's schedule. In the event that you are unable to present yourself, we unfortunately cannot offer any refund or movement of the date.

For a private course, this can be moved with a notice of 72 working hours before the initial date of the course, but can in no case be reimbursed.

I would like to have another time slot for a course, what should I do?

you can contact us a and we will be happy to discuss possibilities with you!

will I be able to leave with the room that I made as a result of the course holding?

Certainly! On the other hand, you will not be able to leave with your room directly after the course, since it must require a drying period as well as being cooked 2 times in our ceramic ovens. A period of 3 weeks is necessary between the date of the course and the moment when your part is available to be recovered. We will contact you when the time comes.

Is it guaranteed that I will manage to do a piece during a course?

Unfortunately, we can never guarantee the result or success in learning ceramics! Unfortunately, you may not manage to make a part during a course, at the very least depending on the standards necessary for cooking. It is important to keep in mind that it is a know-how that is learned with practice, time and patience. We will do our side all our best to ensure the success of your learning!

The success of cooking a piece also depends on many complex aspects, it could therefore be that a piece breaks during one of the cooking. No refund will be possible if everything came to occur, being out of our control.

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